What to Expect

Bringing a Havatese puppy home is equivalent to bringing a living soft toy that is really loving and playful. Havatese is a mix of Maltese male dog breed and Havanese female dog breed and thus has a mixed appearance of his parents. They are also known as HavaMalts. They can grow up to an adult size ranging from 8-12 inches and have a life span of 12-15 years. Their average estimated weight ranges from 9-12 pounds. Good news for the people who are prone to allergies and thus find it difficult to live with other dogs is that Havatese are hypoallergenic. They have a silky coat of fur which may be of different colors like white, black, cream, blue, silver and gold. Also, those who hate to get dog’s fur on their clothes shouldn’t worry because most Havatese experience either little or no shedding at all. But if you are someone who does not like brushing the hair of a dog, you should probably not bring HavaMalt home because daily brushing is a must.

Havatese is a highly affectionate, quiet, cuddly and loving puppy. It is a really easy dog to live with even if you have children because it is very good with children. However, the lesser known fact is that apart from being really lovable, this breed is really intelligent. It is a very quick learner and has a sharp memory to remember a large number of dog tricks and skills. So when it comes to training your dog, it’s as easy as cutting a piece of cake with this lovely breed. Unlike most dogs, this dog is as comfortable with strangers as with its owner and loves human attention.

When it comes to grooming, caring for them is really simple. Day to day care includes regular bath, periodic brushing of their fur to prevent them from becoming matted and daily walk outdoors or sufficient indoor exercises. Havatese are mostly very healthy and energetic and when handled with utmost care and love, they do not suffer from any serious diseases. However, some of them may inherit health problems from either of the parents which may include congenital deafness and hip dysplasia (interruption of the blood supply to the hip joint).

However, if you shower all your love and care over your cute little puppy, it will stay healthy forever and will prove to be a lovely companion.

Havanese have an energetic personality and playful response to people. This characteristic distinguishes them from other breeds. Havanese are often considered an ideal family pet. They may experience periods of time where they have a hyper personality. This may be due to lack of regular exercise.

During early morning hours, the Havatese tend to be quiet, sensual and loving. A new Havatese owner can expect their puppy to kiss them, roll around on their backside and be playful but not hyperactive.